The digital system BM 4000 is a smart audio video door phone system with innovative design, produced by Betamark Ltd. The system can be used in residential and public buildings, dormitories, as well as in closed holiday and residential complexes to control the access of the visitors.

BM 4000 offers many additional functions and advantages that would be impossible with the standard analogue systems.

Almost all of the devices are universal and compatible even with the analogue systems.

BM 4000 provides audio and video connection between the entrance and the desired apartment (subscriber to the system). The entrance door can be unlocked from the apartment with one push of a button.

he system allows establishment of intercom connections between the subscribers, as well as with a concierge or security guard without additional wires.

Up to 240 audio doorphones and up to 120 video doorphones can be connected to the digital system BM 4000 Smart. Furthermore, it is possible to mix audio and video doorphones on the same panel.

The outdoor panels are made of stainless steel and have modern elegant design. There are 2 types available:
- with LCD and keypad
- with digital buttons

Additionally, a video camera for surveillance of the entrance and a card reader can be added to the outdoor panel.
The panel with LCD and keypad has integrated code lock to allow residents keyless access with a personal 4-digit code.
A code lock may be added to the digital buttons panel.

The digital systems allow the integration of many additional cameras and speaker units for each subscriber, as well as common units for a block of flats or closed residential complex.

The system can manage multiple entrances.

The digital systems significantly reduce the costs for wiring and ensure simple installation.

• Modern design and excellent functionality
• Vandal-resistant metal buttons on the outdoor panel
• Adjustable level of the ringing volume for quiet or noisy streets
• Control sound and light signal at the entrance
• Distinguishable ring tones for calls coming from the entrance, the security guard аnd
from the floor
• Interconnections between the subscribers (intercom), as well as with а concierge or a
security guard
• Privacy of the conversation
• Possibility for a keyless unlock with a personal code for each apartment
• Backup power supply