The digital video door phone Betamark BM 4335 is a handsfree unit, that provides audio and video connection between the entrance and a flat or office in residential or public buildings.

As a module in the digital system BM 4000 Smart the video doorphone can perform many additional functions.

Video door phone BM4335 has a 7" screen and additional programmable buttons with functions such as turning on the staircase lightning, intercom connections, switching additional camera etc.

To connect the video door phone to the system are required 4 wires+coaxial cable.
For short distances can be used FTP Cat.5 cable.


• Video surveillance of the entrance, conversation and unlocking of the door from the flat
• Different electronic ring tones, indicating where the call comes
from (entrance, concierge, security guard)
• Electronic melody from the floor available ("ding-dong"), without
requiring a separate bell
• Electronic adjustment of the ringing volume
• Privacy of the conversation
• Control light signal when ringing and during conversation, as well as in “system busy” mode
• “Do Not Disturb” mode with light signal
• Intercom connections with neighbors, concierge and a security guard, without requiring additional wires.